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Xyron 2500
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Learn about how a Xyron 2500 laminator can help your school or business.

The Xyron 2500 is your complete professional document finishing system. Instantly applies laminate, adhesive or both without heat or electricity. Perfect for poster paper, displays, mock-ups, banners and signs, advertisements, POP displays, and presentation-board up 25" wide. Instantly apply laminate, adhesive or both without heat or electricity. Simply feed the item in, turn the handle, and trim. No smell, no mess, no waiting. The Xyron 2500 laminator is a cold pressure system. The Xyron 2500 rolls are a generous 25 inches wide. Additional models are available in larger and smaller widths.  
  •  Aggressive adhesive, coupled with high pressure rollers, improves both transfer and bonding quality 
  •  Patented drop-in rolls allow quick and easy application changes 
  •  Even, edge-to-edge adhesive application 
  •  Environmentally safe 

The Xyron 2500 laminator and adhesive machine is a proven alternative to both hot laminator machines and spray mounting adhesives worldwide. There are also benefits that a Xyron cold laminator offers that are not available in hot laminators.

Benefits of a Xyron 2500 Cold Laminator Machine

  • As a laminator the Xyron 2500 needs no electricity. If you have ever used a hot laminating machine you already know they typically take several minutes to warm up, it is most common for these machines to be left on throughout the day to save time when needed. This practice can amount to several hundred dollars worth of unnecessary electric consumption. Cold laminating is the safest and most efficient way to laminate. This money might be better spent elsewhere. Simply put; the Xyron 2500 Pro is the best cold laminator on the market.
  • Xyron 2500 and other models produce less waste. Because the laminate is not being melted together at the edges, the Xyron laminating system allows you to trim to the edge of the document or image you are laminating. In addition, you can cut out sections and the laminate stays in place and sealed because it was adhered to the document with adhesive. This is unlike the hot laminators which would come apart if the edges were trimmed too closely.
  • Because there is no heat or electricity, the Xyron 2500 is safer to operate around children in school environments without the risk of being burned or shocked.
  • The Xyron 2500 laminator machine and other Xyron machines will not harm heat sensitive materials such as thermal transfer poster paper used in poster printers or poster makers. So whether your poster paper is DTP or TTP a Xyron laminating machine is the right choice for you.
  • More than just laminate. The Xyron Professional series offer many types and combinations of materials to adhere to your documents. Laminate, adhesive, and combinations of these are available. Try doing this with a hot laminator.
  • Preserving images and photographs. Photos (especially those printed with ink jet printers) can be damaged by using a heat laminator. The Xyron laminate is adhered to the sheet with adhesive which creates a seal to prevent damage from the elements.

Benefits of a Xyron 2500 Mounting Adhesive

  • If you use mounting adhesive you know that when using a spray booth or spray area you have to make sure the required fans are on. With the Xyron adhesive machines you will never have to worry about toxic fumes. With the Xyron Machines you will never have to worry about what you are breathing or how you will get the over spray out of your clothes.
  • The use of a Xyron 2500 Pro produces no fumes and is free from the mess of sticky adhesive sprays. Some businesses have built special rooms just for spray mounting their documents. This process is extremely messy and hazardous as it pollutes the air with contaminates and leaves a sticky mess to try to clean up afterwards. If your company does any spray mounting of documents, you could be a hero by suggesting a move to the environmentally friendly Xyron Adhesive Machine. There are several levels of adhesive to choose from such as high tack, low tack, and repositionable. For more info please contact us.
  • Advertisers use the Xyron 2500 laminator to create sales banners or posters that are laminated on one side, and have adhesive on the other side to be mounted where appropriate. They have a choice of using a permanent mounting adhesive or a removable mounting adhesive. Call us today for detail. 1(888) 95 XYRON.
  • Preserving images and photographs. Photos (especially those printed with ink jet printers) can be easily damaged by acids in some of the adhesives on the market. Xyron's patented adhesive is acid-free and safe to use with your photos and other acid sensitive items.
  • Military and hikers use the Xyron machines to seal and protect their terrain maps. A map can be sealed, folded, and put into a pocket or pouch without the worry of being damaged.